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We are your one-stop place to find finest quality Water Glasses, Tea Glasses, shake glasses, wine glasses, whisky glasses, beer mugs, shot glasses, candle votives and water jugs for everything.

Glasses & Tumblers That Match Your Choice for Profession

Discover genuine excellence and quality in glasses & tumblers at Three Point One Four Glasses where we supply the industry's ever-demanded and most purchased glasses and tumblers for our clients.

Each pair of transparent glasses that we design occupies a unique color combination and smooth finishes suiting the dynamic requirements of customers and clients. Not just that, the wonderful finishing touches even make the drink much better to the taste of the end-user.

So whether it is a query for transparent glasses or need to place a bulk order for Drinking Water Glasses, Tea Glasses, Shake Glasses, Wine Glasses, Whisky Glasses, Beer Mugs and Water Jugs remember we are a one-stop solution.

The Best Drinking Glasses That Customers Purchase Most

Not all drinking glasses & tumblers are popular. These are the few mainstreamers catching up customers' attention. And we pride ourselves that our products are among the luckiest ones. 

After all, we design transparent glasses and tumblers in numerous shapes and sizes. Each pair is centric on your order specification. Alternatively, you can discover the best choice of products from our huge collection.

Catching A Glimpse Of Our Exclusive Glasses & Tumblers Collection 

Mentioned below are the major types of Glasses & tumblers supplied by Three Point One Four Glasses to clients worldwide. Take a look

  • Tea Glasses: Cutting Chai cup that carries desi vibe, the cups that have long been quite popular for Tea Breaks across multiple cities and states can be found here.
  • Drinking Water Glasses: Glasses that retain an appropriate amount of water, and don’t leak but keep serving the purpose for what they have been intended for are built at Three Point One Four Glasses.
  • Drinking Water Jugs: Jugs that will stay popular across marriages, functions and general family events for water servings can be found here.
  • Shot Glasses and Candle Votives: These small glasses add more elegance to the event once you mount a candle on the top. Alternatively, people also use them for a strong drink as they serve the purpose inside the stomach in an appropriate amount. 
  • Juice Glasses: Juice with added preservatives or natural, any kind of juice is safe to pour in these glasses that aren’t notorious unlike other structures made with toxic chemicals.
  • Wine Glasses: The gorgeousness defined through the architectural work on these glasses gets the drinker more than just the mere satisfaction of drinking wine.
  • Whisky Glasses: These glasses will look as royal as desirous by a drinker and it is the promise of three-point one-four glasses.
  • Shake Glasses: Large, and spacious-sized shake glasses are an ever-demanded item in the consumer market and our company makes them available to you at the best price.
  • Beer Glasses & Mugs: Short or fairly large-sized beer mugs are also available at the nation's first choice for glass-made products.
  • Drinking-Water Glasses: General water glasses or specially designed items that set a lasting impression are available too.

Each of these transparent glasses range can be acquired in different shapes, styles, and designs. After all, we are one of the leading glass-based product suppliers in the nation. 

Infusing a Remarkable Excellence with the Quality of Glasses & Tumblers

While crafting Glasses & tumblers for our clients, we leave no stone unturned in injecting excellence and professionalism deep into the root of our product. The premium layers of these transparent glasses will dictate the level of care we give to your product.

It really doesn't matter whether it is a small drink of Water Glasses, Tea Glasses, shake glasses, wine glasses, whisky glasses, beer mugs and water jugs a set of shake glasses, the only thing that matters to us is our client's satisfaction. You retain maximum profit and inviting more demand for your product is always at our core focus. Thus we make sure that none of the products is below the average or beneath your expectation. 

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

What are the Benefits of Using a Tumbler?

The benefits of using Glasses & tumblers have long been well recognized by the users. The staple kitchen equipment is known as perfect drinkware. They come in handy and readily hold your desired drink. Glass tumblers are helpful for both the environment and health.

What are the Types of Tumblers?

The variety is endless, still the major types of transparent glasses used widely in the consumer market are water glasses, juice glasses, shakes glasses, and multi-purpose glasses.

What is the difference between Tumbler and Glasses?

Unfortunately, many people mistook tumblers for glasses. It is for this reason that glasses are one of the most commonly used words in slang. But it's worth noting that 'glasses' represents glass material. If you want to use it as an alternative to Tumbler, then you can use the word 'Drinking Glass.' 

What is the best alternative to standard steel tumblers?

Glass-made tumblers are undoubtedly the best alternative to steel tumblers due to their design and round surfaces that are less likely to harm a human face and mouth until they are broken.

Why are glass tumblers growing popular?

Be it a marriage function or an at-home party, glass tumblers are growing into popularity due to the versatile design that let them easily dissolve with the ongoing function and theme of a party.

Is Tumbler safe to use?

Of course yes. Tumblers – especially those made with glasses are safe to use if they are being utilized for an appropriate purpose. But there's no guarantee during accidental events, so precautions are necessary.

What is a tumbler made of?

Tumblers are most commonly in three varieties, plastic, glasses and steel. Compared to all, glass tumblers are gaining popularity due to their versatile design and attractive appearance that makes them suitable for every event. 

Can a 15-year-old use a tumbler?

Glass-made tumblers could be the best fit for a 15 year old because the material is harmless and can be used for storing multiple beverages without worrying about toxicity.

How much do tumblers hold?

A standard tumbler can readily hold 30 ounces of water. But it also depends on the size of the structure. People usually love purchasing 16-ounce and 20-ounce tumblers for flexible usage.

Where to purchase the best tumblers?

Three-Point One Four Glasses is people's first choice where they can purchase best-in-class tumblers set in bulk orders, at the best price. Thus, this place could be the best destination for you to land.