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Add Extra Layers of Grandness & Excellence To Your Life With Premium Glass Bottles & Jars

Glasses are the best suiting epitome of grandness and luxury. After all, shiny surfaces of Glass bottles & jars, smooth edges, and versatile design prove it. People are greatly impressed by the unique traits of Glass and are fond of purchasing them to keep them in their home, so delay no more. Three-Point One Four Glasses Private Limited brings businesses top-quality glass-based products that elevate your customer’s affection and love for glass things. Maybe you are looking for a perfect vase and table for the Christmas decorations, or you want to purchase some valuable tumbler for the showcase. If you are at this beautiful place, let's help you do the rest.

Precisely Categorized Glass Products That are Wow-Worthy

Not just do we sell, jars or glasses & tumblers alone, but our online store is always decked with lots of colorful, useful, and glass-based products that you will love. Don't believe in us because our precisely curated list of products speaks it all.

  1. Glass Bottles and Jars

Our Glass bottles & jars come in multiple styles and designs; each aims at adding value to food-storage culture in glass bottles and jars. Storing pickles and that tasty snack with more comfort is possible now. So hurry! Grab that important thing.

  1. Caps and Closure

Worry no more! If beverage stored in glass bottles oozes out or glass jars with no closures always cause a chaotic environment around. Simply remember us, and we will deliver quality caps and closures that fit precisely on those containers' tops.

  1. Glasses and Tumblers

Glasses & tumblers are the most used items across bars and kitchen. So we don’t forget to offer you these indispensable product categories that will boost your sales and business, make sure you don’t forget something important.

  1. Bulkhead Glasses

Besides cooking, we have even put bulkhead glasses at the core of our special care because people need them in their life. These shiny, smooth, and waterproof surfaces promise added protection to lighting or any objects that you mount behind them. 

  1. Glass Bails and Pebbles

Yes! As promised, apart from Glass bottles & jars or Bottle frosting, we also have some lavishing and gorgeous looking decoration materials available. These multi-colored and innovatively designed glass bails and pebbles add extra glamour to the interior of offices. Also, used for Kancha Bottles.

  1. Christmas Decoration

Vase, Table Decorations, Hangings, Glass Votives, Glass Balls, or any glass-based Christmas Decoration is available here. So before Santa lands to people home, be the first one to design and build the best welcome celebration for them and place bulk order.

Jugs & Mugs

Our staple range of Jugs and Mugs can’t fail to impress your customers. With a quality finish and well-built body, these products become an excellent epitome of luxury that people adore and wish to purchase direct from the store. So hurry, place bulk orders and grab discounted offers. 

Get The Most of Your Traditional Jar Routines This Time

Ever wondered you wake up in the morning with a great mood and huge smile and head to your work and experience sudden rise in demand of your products for Glass bottles & jars, jugs and mugs and other products.

Sound a dream come true thing! Of course it is. Because we make it happen for you.

Our exotic ranges of products aren’t just cool in appearance but even protect food from getting spoiled. If you run a food manufacturing unit and seek the best packaging to prevent eatables from germs, dust and bacteria exposure, our glass bottles and other storage products come for your rescue.

If you are also fed up with those traditional jar routines, then look no further. It's time to replace your standard jar with a quality, brand new jar that your customers ever wanted to purchase from you.

Especially when they are available in more colors, with more dynamic features, such purchases make sense indeed. And when such demands kick in, remember Three Point One Four Glasses Private Limited as your first choice.

Be it a demand for Bottle frosting or a premium quality glass for decoration purposes, we are equipped with myriads of glass-based products for you. 

Make Your Kitchen Look More Fabulous Than Ever Before

Summers are definitely killer without Bottle frosting, and winters are indeed dull without jars to store snacks and cookies. That's why Three Point One Four Glasses is ever-ready to deliver you exactly what suits people’s likings for jars and bottles as the season changes.

After all, our range of bottles and jars is praiseworthy -

  1. Types of Jars We have For you

We love when you discover something extraordinary for your customer in our exotic Glass bottles & jars collection. We have an exclusive jar collection to impress you all. Whether you love storing jam, pickles, snacks, or any protein-rich diet in that small pack. We assure you with utmost satisfaction by offering multiple jar varieties in all shapes and sizes and remarkable variety.

  1. Types of Bottles We Have For you

Our inventory is equipped with colorful, frosting, printing, and function-specific bottles as each are intended to meet your varying requirements for the Glass bottles & jars. Such as, you may love storing your beverage in bottle frosting, or you would love recommending colored bottles for interiors of living rooms and halls.

Let's Help You in Augmenting the Fun of the Celebration as well.

When the cheers of celebration are around the corner, our shelves are also decked with categories and varieties of rich offers. Most notably, for Christmas Eve, we have some exclusive products available to serve you in our massive collection of Glasses & tumblers, glass stones, or colored bottles.

Your every design and decoration need is met at Three Point One Four Glasses because from Bottle frosting to Bottle printing, we serve premium quality products on the table. Glass for lightening, design elements for the decoration, and beautiful storage for the eatables on a celebration, we have everything for you.

Buy Glass Bottles & Jars or any glass product at the Best price.

Whether you are searching for caps and closures that fit your Glasses & tumblers, and bottle pretty well and give it a robust shield, or you want Bottle coloring to add more graciousness to the home environment inside. Remember, Three Point One Four Glasses is the only destination where your all expectations are met with satisfaction. So look no further and get your eyes on that favorite product that you are excited to buy.

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Christmas Glass Votives

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