Glass Jars

Best Quality glass jar That will Derive More Sales

Glass jars are impermeable and prevent the transmission of chemicals or unwanted stuff. That's why they are suitable for storing jams, chutney, snacks, or any eatables that you want to eat in their fresh form. Big jars are normally a great alternative for dry snacks or remedy work. Alternatively, small jars are the most widely used options for food storage due to their handy design.

With plenty of pleasing alternatives, Three Point One Four Glasses compiles pure satisfaction for its clients with its exquisite range of glass jars. We are a popular name in the glass industry because even our simple glass jar equips a couple of great features to keep us all entertained forever. The ravishing structure you see in every set of glass jars is an evidence that we never lie.

Whether you have eyes on the square glass jars or accidentally land on the round glass jars, you will never be disappointed because every jar is built with enough precision that spotting the fault is almost impossible.

Airtight Jars With Well-built body structure

Perfect, exactly what I wanted! This is something we often get to hear from clients' testimonials when the delivery is successfully done. Our mind-blowing work isn’t just limited to our in-house efforts, but we are also well-connected with clients outside the house. From bakery jars to Glass Packaging, we personally review market demands and come with top-choice that leaves satisfaction and a stress-free environment for all.

Such as, if you seek a jar with an airtight top and robust bottom to ensure the food or eatable items inside access a longer-shelve life, connect with us. In our unique and custom range, we also receive Handle Glass Jars requirements sometimes. After all, we have all solutions available.

Beautiful Glass Jars to Store Pantry Essentials

Glass jars are widely used for storing pantry essentials. Eatables aren't spoiled, items that are resistant to moisture or air stay protected in glass jars.

It is for this reason that glass-based containers are non-porous. They are impermeable and don't transmit chemicals or stains into the food, unlike other material that keeps your food vulnerable to tons of challenges.

That's why our glass jars are ever delightful to our retail clients as they can now suffice their end-customer easily. Apart from the standard range, we also have an exquisite collection of hexagonal glass jars that you can use for graceful Organic Food Packaging.

Piling Up More Quality to Serve Industries

You can find glass jars at the best price at India's favorite Three Point One Four Glasses where we specialize in designing and building artistic glass jars for our beloved clients. Only bulk orders are appreciated. 

So now that you have satisfied with our aesthetically awesome variety of glass jars, end up placing your order now. We have compiled a huge variety for your business that ambition to serve more value to customers this time. We too love serving multiple industries, that’s why our collection is never-ending.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Why Is Glass Used for Jars?

Transparent glasses used in these jars make things inside clearly visible outside. Also, compared to any other material, glass has no usage side effects.

What are a Glass Bottle and a Jar?

Glass bottles & jars serve different purposes. Such as, glass bottles allow you to store beverage and jars allows you to store snacks, or chutni, etc.

Why Glass Jar is better than plastic?

Glass jar has zero chemical interaction. These are nonporous ensuring the product you keep inside stays fresh and free of toxins. Hence they are a better alternative to plastic jars.

Glass bottles are used for what?

Glass bottles are primarily used for storing a variety of beverages, including juice, drinks and wines. These bottles meets the industrial requirement for the storage, hence they are popular.

How is glass useful?

Glasses are recyclable and can be used for the formation of range of glass-based items. They tend to cut down storage cost if your customer recycles the glass-made jar or bottle to you.

What are glass materials?

Glass materials are made of sand, soda ash and limestone. The formulation is melted at a very intense temperature to get the final structure exactly solid as it is desired.

What are glass jars made of?

Glass jars are made using three key ingredients- sand, soda ash and limestone that are combined and melted on high-temperature ensuring the glass could be shaped into a jar.

Is Glass a Plastic?

No. Glass isn’t a plastic, it is made using some special ingredients that are harm-free to human and objects health.

How do you tell if a jar is plastic or glass made?

Comparison is quite easy. Pick both jars – one plastic made and the second glass made – in your hands. Glass-made jar must be heavy. Also, a glass jar sounds more than plastic surface when tapped.

Are Glass Jar and bottle sustainable?

Glass jar and bottle are sustainable as their recycling is comparatively cheaper and also glasses aren’t provided any chemical treatment that adds more benefit in the re-cycling process.