Mason Jar Caps

Delivering a Robust Sealing Solution to Mason Jars

The best equipment to preserve food is the mason jars, which are sometimes irreplaceable at the food factory. But, without a screen thread cap on its outer perimeter, they are undoubtedly useless. That makes sense, if you have done purchasing mason jars and have forgotten to include mason jar caps in your order list, hurry! Mason jar caps play an integral role in safe canning or food storing. The screw thread design of the cap creates a vacuum seal around the can's top preventing the material inside from spilling. The caps are also reusable if aren’t broken or damaged. 

The staple accessory of the jar is most demanded in the market and is transferred nationwide by Three Point One Four Glasses. After all, we specialize in storing and packing solutions for the key industrial products – most are food-based. However, make sure that the mason jar caps are customized to fit the jars of diverse shapes and sizes. Hence, you are requested to purchase caps keeping the appropriate size and shape requirement in mind.


Quality-built tin mason jar caps & lids – best for packaging

No wonder, you will never like to sacrifice for the quality when it comes to mason jar tops. After all, you are more likely to store and preserve eatables in these packages hoping that they will offer a long shelf life.

Thus, Three Point One Four Glasses also make sure that your trust in this staple cap isn't broken. The cap has long been used by people due to its rugged style and features that are harmless to foods. That makes us hook on with our routine of maintaining precision in our work culture.

We will keep supplying the best variety of mason jar caps that serve the purpose and it is our promise to you.

Bringing the best variety of mason jar caps on the market

At Three Point One Four Glasses, we emphasize the values of self-sufficiency and ensure that for your mass production of foods, these mason jar lids guarantee a good amount of support.

The material you intend to fill in our glass jars and covered with our multi-top flip jar cap, everything must be up to mark. That's why we make mason jars available to you in multiple varieties, shapes, and sizes ensuring your every requirement is met with 100% precision. 

Assured satisfaction delivered with mason jar caps

At Three Point One Four Glasses, we follow a transparent, disciplined, and well-planned work culture. We leave no stone unturned in delivering a creative mason jar cap that fits the product’s specification numerously while adding more value and productivity to the business you run.   

Three Point One Four Glasses is a one stop solution for everyone searching for quality mason jar caps at the best price. We accept bulk orders and can guarantee the most affordable selection.