Lug Caps

lug caps

Lug caps - designed with unbeatable perfection and quality focus

Lug caps are primarily used to seal glass bottles, mugs, and jars. These metal-based caps use a threading system to make a solid grip and seal the front of an opened glass structure. Owing to their tight grip, they are widely used for storing jams, honey, and chutney product packaging.

Well, normally lug caps/Twist Off Cap are made from Tin metal that is coated with food-grade lacquer to ensure the product is harmless and ready to be used for diverse food item storing purposes.

If you own a company where you frequently use glass jars for product packaging, then it is not a surprise if you looking for lug caps/Twist Off Cap. These staple caps for glass jars and containers can offer robust protection to the matter/material when screwed up on the pack.

A half-turn twist will make your product ready enough to be delivered to the end-user in a far-flung market. Three-Point One Four glasses for long has been designing and supplying lug caps/Twist Off Cap to the diverse niches of the industry. Whether you are searching for black plastic lug caps or a metallic lug cap, we have all choices available. So reach out today.

Lugs caps – the best thing you can ever gift to glass mugs and jars

Glass mugs and jars are sensitive and don't interact that much effectively with material as they can with metal lug caps. These metal-based closures precisely seal the product from the top by forming a solid grip around the container’s mouth. Varieties are also end-less at Three Point One Four because you can select anything from

  • Gold Metal Lug Caps
  • White Lug Caps
  • Customized Lug Caps

After all, these caps aren’t just famous for their functionality because they are also recognized in the general market due to their versatile design and high-standard gorgeousness. When mounted on the top, these caps bring out an unexpected glow in the product that attracts more customers.

Three-Point One Four Glasses - delivering world-class quality in lugs caps

You should buy metal lug caps from Three Point One Four Glasses because apart from caps and closures our specialization is also built-in glass-based products. We understand the requirements and specifications of glass containers. Thus assure you with the best quality products. Your search for the best lug caps/Twist Off Cap must end here because the desired product will be found here.

Seal and protect those products in jars and mugs now!

So what are you waiting for? If you want your product to stay protected in your inventory and inside the customer’s shelves, look no further. Buy the best gold and silver lug caps that meet your requirement. Each cap promises an appropriate fitting to the package while ensuring full protection to the product.