Glass Bottles & Jars

Beautifully Designed and Precisely Crafted Glass Bottles & Jars

The trend of traditional vessels and storage containers has expired. It is the time to break into a transparent glasses product list that is discovering a huge demand for itself.

If you want customers to eye on the beauty and exclusivity of your product, these dynamic ranges of glass jars come to the rescue. The transparent surface of these staple storage instruments has widely been utilized in diverse niches nowadays. After all, the benefits attached to a glass jar are enormous.

And if you are also on the best glass jar or glass bottle hunt, look no further. Come along and dive into this huge collection of glass-based products that we bring to you.

Well-Build Quality Glass Bottles & Jars at Affordable Price

Each glass jar you find at Three Point One Four Glasses promises excellent protection against bacteria, chemicals, or any particle that isn't good for the food or product stored inside. Every single glass bottle or jar that you pick in your hand goes through an intense heating process and doesn’t break that easily. The design of each glass attaches an additional layer of excellence, making bakery jars good enough to be used for bakery purposes with confidence.

However, added details and instructions with every item have been provided to ensure the end-user could access the best benefits from their glass purchases that are also affordable.

Multi-Purpose Glass Bottles & Jars with Endless Benefits

Three-Point One Four Glasses are chasing popularity because we deliver an exotic range of products to our precious clients. Each and every glass jar we sell serves a purpose and that's something that stands us apart from the crowd.

With smooth finishes and quality color grace, our glass bottles and jars derive demand for themselves. Their multi-purpose benefits are even more noteworthy. Such as, customers can use them for-

Glass Jar Usage

Glass Jars are used for a variety of applications. Look at the example of Glass Jars and their specific usage type:

  • Chatni Jars, Ghee Jars or Jam Jars: Best for storing batter like chatni, or creamy ingredients due to their compact size. Similarly, Salsa Jars that let storing multiple veggies, Honey Jars that preserves the rich nutritional value of honey and Spice Jars that keeps the strong essence of spices in are also not far from making a strong grasp in this category due to their handy design like chatni jars.
  • Pickle Jars: These jars are widely popular for their pickle-specific properties. Most often they come in large sizes but compact sizes are also available. These jars normally occupy thick glass layers that preserve pickle for as long as desired. Jam Jars also shares the similar trait and are more demanding across manufacturing sites.
  • Ingredient-Specific Jars: Schezwan Jars to store Schezwan chutni, Lucila Jars to store a specific beverage, or Bamboo Jars for snacks are staple pieces widely used for ingredient specific storage purposes. The overall shape and design of these jars keep in mind the tasking requirement of people, making them one of the top choices in the market. 
  • Snacks Storage: Helpful for businesses to store dry fruits in maximum quantity or special snack variety that’s prone to air born issues. Dryfruits Packaging Jars are quite pouplar for festival season but maintains a notable spot in regular kitchen. Morabba Jar with thick glass layers, spacious Square Jars, well-crafted Hexagonal Glass Jars, gorgeous Octagonal Glass Jars, and Mushroom Glass Jars, are the best suiting example that are already favorite to women.
  • Jars for Non-eatables: Non-eatable items like chemicals or food that can’t be eaten in raw form can be stored in handle jars, or Mason Jars or screw jars. On the other hand, Candle Jars, and Matki Jars, are also drawing more attention in this section as they are widely used for decoration purposes.
  • Gift Packaging Jars: Apple Jars that are popular for storing cookies, Pot Jars used for both non-eatable and eatable storages. Zigaro Jars, and Kesar Jar also are widely popular for storing objectives. Similarly, more other glass jars range are growing popular for Gift Packagings. For example, Imperial Jars, and Coffee Jars draws huge demand during festivals.
  • Bakery Jars: Jars like Cake Jars, and Screw Jars are other big jar variations used widely across baking industry. These jars have diverse application and are custom-made to cater to the dynamic requirements of the bakery sector.

Glass Bottle Usage

You may catch the glimpse of glass bottle demand in the market from the items listed below. Look at the example of Glass Bottles and their specific usage type:

  • Juice Storage: Designer range that promises a longer-shelf life to variety of consumer and kids friendly drink is also available. Such as, Sugarcane Juice Bottles, or Juice Bottles in family-friendly varieties can be found at Three Point One Four Glasses that you must be bringing into your business
  • Shake Bottles: People are fond of drinking shakes and so does Cold Coffee Bottles and Chocolate Shake Bottles are picking up more demand in the consumer market. These bottles are handy and offer a perfect sealing.
  • Milk Bottles: It’s worth storing protein and calcium rich drink – the Milk – in specific Milk Bottles. These bottles keep this nutrition-loaded drink cold and guarantee a longer-shelf lives compared to other bottles or vessels.
  • Oil Bottles: Be it a women kitchen or restaurants, Olive Oil Bottles or any other type of Oil Bottles it has been found that glass made vessels are ever popular for storing this staple cooking ingredient.
  • Wine & Whisky Storage: Specially designed for interest-specific personals that carry maximum beverage at its ideal temperature. Wine should be stored around 11-14˚c (52-57°F) and glass made Wine Bottles delivers the same temperature. Beer Bottles, Liquor Bottles, and Whisky Bottles on the other hand are popular in Alchohol market and have a staggering demand as well. Each meets the temperature requirement of a
  • Ketchup Bottle: Tomato Ketchup or any other ketchup are most often stored in special Sauce Bottles, or Chutney Bottles with thick layers and a strong top that offers a nice seal to the vessel. Such as, Lug Caps Bottles are most often used for chutney. But standard plastic caps can offer a nice seal to ketchup bottles.
  • Storing Any Beverage: Customized range of bottles that lets you store any kind of beverage on the go are widely used by food manufacturing units, brands and businesses that are engaged in the respective industry. Such as Cold Drink Bottles, or Carbonated Drinks Bottles are demanding across strong drink manufacturing units. Soda Bottle, Goli Soda Bottles, and Flavoured Milk Bottle are also popular in the respective industry.

Versatility in Design That WOW Users

To prevent any mishaps, smooth handling has been promised for every glass jar that makes them slip-resistant. You can also select the best bottles as per your business interest. Such as, we have an assorted range of Goli soda bottles available, special sauce bottles with a solid base and top and glass milk bottles that preserve milk for long. Similarly, oil bottles and other transparent glasses that people buy are available alongside caps and closure which is one of our other specialties.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Why Is Glass Used for Jars?

Transparent glasses used in these jars make things inside clearly visible outside. Also, compared to any other material, glass has no usage side effects.

What are a Glass Bottle and a Jar?

Glass bottles & jars serve different purposes. Such as, glass bottles allow you to store beverage and jars allows you to store snacks, or chutni, etc.

Why Glass Jar is better than plastic?

Glass jar has zero chemical interaction. These are nonporous ensuring the product you keep inside stays fresh and free of toxins. Hence they are a better alternative to plastic jars.

Glass bottles are used for what?

Glass bottles are primarily used for storing a variety of beverages, including juice, drinks and wines. These bottles meets the industrial requirement for the storage, hence they are popular.

How is glass useful?

Glasses are recyclable and can be used for the formation of range of glass-based items. They tend to cut down storage cost if your customer recycles the glass-made jar or bottle to you.

What are glass materials?

Glass materials are made of sand, soda ash and limestone. The formulation is melted at a very intense temperature to get the final structure exactly solid as it is desired.

What are glass jars made of?

Glass jars are made using three key ingredients- sand, soda ash and limestone that are combined and melted on high-temperature ensuring the glass could be shaped into a jar. 

Is Glass a Plastic?

No. Glass isn’t a plastic, it is made using some special ingredients that are harm-free to human and objects health.

How do you tell if a jar is plastic or glass made?

Comparison is quite easy. Pick both jars – one plastic made and the second glass made – in your hands. Glass-made jar must be heavy. Also, a glass jar sounds more than plastic surface when tapped.

Are Glass Jar and bottle sustainable?

Glass jar and bottle are sustainable as their recycling is comparatively cheaper and also glasses aren’t provided any chemical treatment that adds more benefit in the re-cycling process.