Glass Balls and Pebbles

Multi-Purpose Glass Balls and Pebbles, Discover at One-Stop

Looking for shiny and gorgeous Glass Balls and pebbles that serves the purpose with precision? Without a doubt, you have landed at the right destination.

The Three-Point One Four Glasses brings you an exotic range of Glass Balls at a reasonable price that never fails to meet your expectations. Each glasses ball carries a unique design since some dedicated people in our team handcraft them.

These Pebbles Glass Balls go through an intense heating process to get an absolutely gorgeous, round, and ultra-glossy shape for themselves. Whether searching for big or small glass balls, remember we are a one-stop solution.

Super Shiny, Multi-Colored Glass Balls in Myriads of Varieties

These decorative glass balls for bowls are the best fit for that super imaginative demonstration you have in mind for an interior or particular decoration.

You can use them for a myriad of purposes and subjects, such as; they form fully attractive scenery for aquarium fish tanks, a stunning dining table, and wonderful panels for room walls.

Glass ball's decorative elegance will come out itself by simply combining your imaginative concept with artistic executions. Our company is all-time active to supply the best glass balls for gardens, homes, aquariums, or industry. Since we produce glass balls and pebbles in a huge variety, you will constantly be exposed to more than a few choices. 

Finely Crafted Round and Transparent Glasses

Marbles are the epitome of grandness due to their glossy texture, representing playful spirit due to their round shape and size. Such as, you can find decorative glass balls for hanging widely used across residential apartments. The large nautical glass balls for showcase or gardening areas are highly popular.

No matter, for what purpose you want to invest in these cute and round transparent glass pebbles, if you seek satisfaction, Three Point One Four Glasses have it for you. We fulfill your Decorative Glass Pebbles requirements with our exclusive product ranges. So rush and make a purchase.

Kancha Glass, Pebble Glass, Playing Marble Stone at Best Price

We accept orders from every industry. If you do business and looking for Kancha for beverage bottles, we have come for your rescue. Even if you need a one-stop solution, like fully-manufactured Soda Bottles with caps attached, contact us. You can also place your order for complete Kancha Bottles or Goli soda Bottles that are available in designer range. So, look no further! If you run a store and are experiencing a huge demand for Glass balls and pebbles in the consumer market and industry, reach out, we have arranged the best deal and offer for you. 

Our shop never disappoints you, no matter if you are looking for glass pebbles bulk orders or want to purchase playing marble stone of the best quality. Without any question, we commit timely delivery to our precious customers.

Also, when building a glass ball, we never undervalue any piece by any mean. Particularly because we believe that these balls can be used for diverse purposes. Thus, even at the lowest price you will access top-notch quality piece from us. So what are you waiting for? 

Three-Point One Four Glasses supply for premium quality glass balls is non-stop, because we know your business will run non-stop.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

What are Glass Pebbles Used For?

Glass Pebbles are used for multiple subjects. Such as, interior designers use them for crafty and artistic touchups. Industries use them for beverage bottles and other unique reasons.

What are Glass Balls & Pebbles made of?

Glass Balls & Pebbles are normally made of pure glass. The glass is given an intense heating treatment, stretched, and cut into pieces to form a desired shape of balls, ready to be used for dynamic purposes.

Where to Buy Glass balls and pebbles?

You can buy quality built glass balls and pebbles at India's favorite Three Point One Four Glasses as we specialize in glass-based products.

What is a marble made of?

The most common material used for the formation of marbles is plastic, steel and clay. However, if you are looking for an alternative that looks more attractive and promising, glass balls could be a best fit.

What Are Small Glass Balls Called?

Small glass balls are also referred to as marbles or play marbles due to their small size and attractive appearance that makes them popular among kids. However, small balls are also known as ‘ballotini’ across industrial sites.

How Do You Play Glass Balls?

Glass Balls game has always been quite popular among kids and even today these small balls are widely enjoyed by kids. You simply hit one or multiple balls with the second ball to make a goal and win more balls.

What Are Large Glass Balls Called?

A glass ball which is bigger in size is often described by multiples names. Such as, people often identify these balls with the names boulder, bonker, masher, popper, plumper, shooter, smasher, thumper, taw, bumbo, crock, and bumboozer.

How Do You Use Glass Stones?

Glass stones or glass pebbles can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from decorational, gardening, beverage bottles, tieing up tents or any industrial objective.