Caps & Closures

Finely Crafted Caps & Closures to Seal Them Up

Bottles, containers, and jars that seek added protection to prevent spills and food spoils can be paired with the best caps & closures at Three Point One Four Glasses. We supply broad-ranging caps and closure products to our retail partners or manufacturers who want to deliver a well-sealed product to their customers. Whether it is a demand for crown caps, to olive oil caps with special fixtures, spice jar caps to pourer caps that are widely used across hotels or restaurant. Similarly, whether you are looking for screw caps to lug caps or twist off caps that maximize efficiency at kitchen activities, expect assured satisfaction. Each product we have in offer excels client's expectations. But make sure you have the size, shape, and colour requirements properly discussed with us. After all, our services dictate our perfection in designing and supplying the best caps and closures that you desire. 

Excellence Meets Perfection with Leak Proof Caps & Closures

Each cap & closure we supply in our store is designed through computer-based technology to get an ideal shape and size for the fitting. While crafting personalized caps, closures & lids we monitor the industry's requirements, learn about the market and identify the types of containers and bottles that are popular. After bringing the product into existence, we never forget to conduct a proper inspection to identify possible leakage or breaks if available any. Simultaneously the product is delivered to the client's address within the asked time. 

Infusing an Added Protection to the Bottles and Containers With Caps & Closures

At Three Point One Four Glasses, we undertake every necessary precaution to design ideal caps & closures that suit your product. But, it is also essential for you to know your requirement for the product and place the order.

Here's a list of caps and closures offered by us for the broad range of bottles and jars that people want us to keep producing and keep supplying. 

  • Standard Bottle Caps: Buy these caps if you own a bottle factory or you operate in a relevant retail business and seek good-quality bottle caps at the best price.
  • Screw Caps: The magic of these caps is hidden inside the rotational motion. When a person put outer force and rotate the cap clock-wise, they open the bottle to pour out the stuff inside. Similarly, rotate the cap counter-clock wise to let it build a strong seal around the bottle-face. 
  • Honey Jar Caps: These caps are also available in diverse shapes and sizes, custom options are also available that promises a personalized touch to your honey jars.
  • Water Bottle Caps: These bottle caps are leak-proof ensuring the water bottle isn't too loose, and the liquid inside doesn't come outside.
  • ROPP Caps: Roll on Pilfer Proof caps occupy similar functionality of screw caps but are specifically designed for compact vessels. The caps have a metallic body and offer a finest seal to the vessel. 
  • Lug Caps: These caps promise a vacuum seal to your bottles and jars, giving proper protection to the material stored inside them.
  • Twist Off Caps: Unlike multiple twists in screw caps or rotating cap, Twist off caps normally require a one time twist and turn force to open the vessel and pull out the material inside.
  • Mason Jar Caps: Also known as mason jar lids, the shiny surface of these caps sets a great impression on customers, no matter what the quality of your jar is.
  • Olive Oil caps: These caps are specifically designed for olive oil bottles as they promise a proper seal from the top ensuring the oil stays protected.

Bulk Orders Receive Special Offers – Buy Caps & Closure

  • The most exciting thing about placing your order for caps & closures at Three Point Four One Glasses is that we always carry a discounted offer for our clients. Your satisfaction is our top-most priority and when we say it, we actually mean it. So what are you waiting for? Have you placed your order for glass bottles & jars? Yes, it’s time to include caps and closures in the basket.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

What is a Closure Cap?

In simple words, caps & closures are the small instruments used to seal a bottle, jar, or container. Closures/caps are available in diverse shapes and sizes and are supplied as per the client's requirements.

What is a Closure in Packaging?

Caps and closures used for packaging are described as an instrument that prevents the product and the material inside from being exposed to the environment or material outside. A sealed product cannot be easily accessed except if someone does it with their hands. 

How Many Types of Closures are there?

At Three Point One Four Glasses, we have a varied range of caps and closures available to meet the dynamic demands of our clients.

Which cap is the best for spice jars?

Lug caps could be the best fit for bottles with twist off nickering, but some people swear by the special sprinkler caps for spice jar caps as they are more flexible to use when adding some extra spices on the cuisines and avoid malfunctions too.

What is the crown cap?

As the name defines, crown caps are mainly crown-like lids or bottle caps most used for glass-made cold drink bottles. These caps offer a perfect seal to beverage drink e.g., flavored milk, carbonated beverages, soda water bottles that's why they are quite popular. 

How do you measure the size of a jar lid?

You can measure the size of a jar lid, simply use any ruler and measure one inner wall of the cap to another inner wall. The diameter will be obtained. There are specific instruments for measuring the same available in the market.

What is the size of a standard mason jar lid?

The diameter of standard canning lids that you often see in the market is 68mm/2.68in. However, these lids come in a variety of shapes and sizes too. 

Do bottle caps sink or float?

Bottle caps float on the water and never sink due to their weight that's lower than the weight of water.